Outdoor Beach Wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Remember Chelsey & Doug!? They got married this past January at Royalton White Sands Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. You can see their wedding HERE.

I just want to say a huuuge congrats to these two since they are expecting their first baby!!

I know you two will be amazing parents since you both have such positive and thoughtful outlooks on life. You value love and laughter, and after all, that’s all you really need in life! I thought I’d put up a few fun GIFs for you two to take you back to that amazing day of yours filled with soo much love and laughter!
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Today I told myself…

Today I was looking in the mirror while straightening my hair. I noticed how much stronger I look and feel from doing hot yoga, eating better, taking care of myself lately and putting more of an effort to balance my life. I realized in this moment that everything I want can’t come all at once and it has to happen one step at a time. I know I’m heading in the right direction and in this moment I am present, proud and I can tell myself I love you. It brings tears of joy and relief to my eyes.

Today, tell yourselves “I’m proud of you and I love you”.



Tia & Johnny’s Cottage Engagement Session in Peterborough

I’ve known Tia since we were just 6 years old! We’ve shared so many laughs together over the years, you know…those kinds where you are sitting in class beside each other, you just look at each other and die laughing, next thing you know, you’re in trouble with the teacher and she separates you two..yea those kinds of laughs. Or that time we went door to door fundraising when we were specifically told NOT to go door to door just because we wanted to win the biggest prize, and yes we got in trouble with that as well. Haha, we loved being adventurous together.

Now it’s 16 years later and Tia is engaged and getting married next year! WOW, it hasn’t hit me yet. Maybe it’s because I always just see her as the same old Tia I used to hang out with every day. This whole “grown up thing” doesn’t seem as grown up as I expected it too. We still goof off the same way, and I will always cherish that🙂 From the bottom of my heart, thank you Johnny for being the guy that she fell in love with, has her constantly smiling from ear to ear, and accepts her for EXACTLY who she is.cottage-engagement-photographer-154cottage-engagement-photographer-283cottage-engagement-photographer-182cottage-engagement-photographer-540cottage-engagement-photographer-168cottage-engagement-photographer-463cottage-engagement-photographer-103cottage-engagement-photographer-158cottage-engagement-photographer-326cottage-engagement-photographer-134cottage-engagement-photographer-169cottage-engagement-photographer-237cottage-engagement-photographer-300cottage-engagement-photographer-353cottage-engagement-photographer-288cottage-engagement-photographer-304If you know Tia & Johnny show them some love in the comment box below! Can’t you just feel the love between them!? Amazing🙂

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The Earthy, Bohemian Bride

Feeling relaxed and present each day is super important for your overall well being. It is even more important on your wedding day! What better way is there to connect to that special energy all around you throughout the day than by being barefoot and feeling the earth between your toes, having flowing hair that dances with the breeze, jewelry pieces are so YOU, and a dress that makes you feel so light and free that you feel like you are flying!

All these girls blew me away with their passion for what they do. Together, we were able to create these images🙂 Help support these beautiful artists by liking their Facebook page!

Dresses – Maureen Patricia Bridal – WebsiteFacebook
Jewels – Hattitude Jewellery – WebsiteFacebook
Make-up – Sabrina of Blush Beaty Bar
Hair – Laura – Lalas Style
Flowers – Blush and Bloom – WebsiteFacebook
Model – Alice


Behind the Scenes!


If you know Alice or any of the vendors above, give them some love on how great of a job they did in the comment box below! I am SO proud of everyone🙂

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Marie & Matt’s Engagement Session at Almond Beach, Barbados

As soon as I arrived at Almond Beach Resort in Barbados, I was soo excited because it was time to photograph Marie & Matt’s sunset engagement session on the beach! I took one look at the beach and was automatically so inspired. I had them snuggling up to each other, frolicking in the water, and they even suggested going on paddle boards together! How adventurous. Loved it!🙂 In 2 days, these two were going to be getting married outdoors on the beach and I loved being able to photograph one of their last days as an engaged couple! For these two, everything is better when they are together.

Marie & Matt are photographers as well (MM Fotografie), and I felt so special that they chose ME to photograph their love in Barbados! They also made me feel so welcome to hang out with their friends and family while I was there and I got to meet some amazing people!

This was the spot they would usually end up hanging out each night, so I love the sentimentality behind these photos!Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-36-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-37-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-42-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-47Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-50Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-54Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-58-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-59-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-61-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-63Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-65-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-68Look at that love…wow


They have matching tattoos of their dog’s name🙂Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-140Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-71Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-89Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-90-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-92-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-98-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-108

It was so hilarious watching them try to balance on the board together for this one shot! They did it though! I love that they just kept on trying and trying and didn’t give up🙂Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-112-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-104Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-114Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-115-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-117Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-122Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-125-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-128-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-131-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-132Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-133-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-134-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-135Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-137-2

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Ashley & Phil’s Rustic Outdoor Wedding at Piper’s Heath Golf Club

Almost two weeks ago, I got to photograph Ashley & Phil’s rustic outdoor wedding at Piper’s Heath Golf Club in Oakville! The day was full of emotion and sentimentality, just the way I like it. I was overwhelmed with all the positive peaceful energy circling all of us throughout the day.

I’m so grateful to have met these two. Their hearts ooze with love for one another as well as for the people around them. I have never heard a couple speak so nicely to one another. It was truly refreshing to witness! These two taught me how to be more patient and loving and I’m so thankful for that🙂

Ashley’s sister Tracey was so wonderful! I loved seeing how much effort she put into making her sister’s day as special as possible. I really felt the love there.outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-73outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-76

Ashley & Phil teasing each other a little by hiding behind a fence and not being able to see each other just yet🙂outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-91outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-92outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-95

Ashley always envisioned walking down these stairs in her wedding dress and her dad seeing her for the first time. Wow, that was SUCH a special moment to witness❤outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-107outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-108outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-137outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-139

How beautiful are these girls!? Seriously, glowing!! outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-144outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-162outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-165outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-180outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-183

Ashley wore earrings that Phil got for her on their anniversary.outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-185outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-194outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-196outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-197outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-199outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-207outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-216outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-245outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-250

One of my favorite moments of the day❤

Can’t you just feel the love here!? Look at those caring hands!outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-311outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-319outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-326outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-353outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-357outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-374outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-392outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-395outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-402outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-406outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-409outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-412outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-424outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-436outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-437outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-438outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-442outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-450outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-458outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-460outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-463outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-466outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-472

These two LOVE playing sports and being active together. Some golf playing HAD to happen!outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-477outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-480

Coolest bride EVER!!🙂outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-489outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-501outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-506outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-507outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-508outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-509outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-510outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-514outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-531outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-567outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-568outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-574outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-601outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-614outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-644outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-676outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-682outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-690outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-788outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-785outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-663outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-673

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Vendor Love <3

Venue – Piper’s Heath Golf Club

Florist – Maggie Banach – Dream Occasions

Wedding Dress – Mikaella Bridal

Jewellery – People’s Jeweller’s

Cake – Sarah Hewitt-Cargill

Hair & Make-up – Uptown Studio

DJ – Scott Hadlow

Officiant – David Swash – Dream Weddings

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Beginner Photography Workshop in Brampton – October 5, 2014


I’m so excited!! I will be hosting a photography workshop for beginners on October 5, 2014 in my home in Brampton! The last workshop was such a success that more of you have been asking about another one! To view behind the scenes of the last workshop click HERE. There are only 6 spots available so email me to reserve yours! To contact me click HERE.

This workshop is right for you if:

– you LOVE taking pictures, appreciate photography, and want to improve your craft
– the idea of owning your own photography business has come to mind
– you are interested in learning the basics and be able to create the photos you envision by using your camera on Manual and understanding ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.
– you have a DSLR camera or are thinking of purchasing one in the future
– you want to have a better understanding of light and how it can affect the photos you take


You will learn about:

– ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Metering
– Should I shoot RAW or jpeg?
– Depth of field
– Importance of being able to use your camera on manual
– How to understand the way light works
– How to use natural light to make your images pop
– How images look when they are underexposed, over exposed and properly exposed
– How lens choice can affect your photography
– Is starting a photography business right for you?

Destination wedding photographer cuba-5938

The Details

$125 +HST/ person
October 5, 2014 1pm – 7pm
Taking place at my house in Brampton (near Chinguacousy and Bovaird)


– attending the workshop from 1pm-7pm
– A few breaks to relax brain muscles since you will be learning A LOT =)
– snacks and tea/coffee
– hands-on shooting: photographing a person using natural light which you can use for your portfolio

Beginner Photography Workshop-5536

What to bring:

– Eagerness to learn
– Pen and notebook
– All the camera equipment you own

Beginner Photography Workshop-5795


If you have any questions about this workshop feel free to reach out and ask =) You can contact me HERE

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Couple’s Beach Session in Jurata, Poland

The past month and a half has been crazy amazing and the fun still hasn’t stopped for me!! I’ve been travelling since mid July and I’m loving this lifestyle🙂 First it was Colorado, then Barbados, Switzerland, Germany and finally Poland to visit my family which I haven’t seen in 7 years!!! yes…way too long😦 I’m still here in Poland for one more week and then I’m off, back home. In a way I’m looking forward to it because in between all those travel dates I was super busy with work and weddings, so the whole summer has literally been GO, GO, GO for me and flew by so fast! I am definitely not complaining though. I’m taking in each day and each moment..hence why I haven’t blogged as often🙂 I’m looking forward to getting re-organized that’s for sure though! Plus I miss my classes at the gym.. lol.

Anyway I’m super excited to share with you all Maria & Piotr’s couple’s session on the beach in Jurata, Poland. Yes Poland has beaches! A lot of people don’t know that..since it’s not really a known beach destination. The beach meets the Baltic Sea in the North of Poland. I LOVE it there in the summer! It’s where everyone from Poland goes on vacation in the summer! Fresh fish, jet ski’s, dancing, a beautiful boardwalk, unique artists selling their art, and the most PERFECT sand!! I even got to play matchmaker on this trip and I may have found a future girlfriend or wife for my uncle..haha but that’s another story. Next up..Sarunia Matchmaking Services – haha..don’t mind me, I’m just a little excited because I thought she was super cool!🙂

I couldn’t of asked for more perfect weather for the session, ok..maybe it could have been warmer. It was just under 20 degrees Celsius the whole time we were there in Jurata (4 days), but it’s ok, we made the best of it anyway🙂 The light and cotton candy sky mixed with these two was just pure magic!🙂

Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-78Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-87Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-95Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-109Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-128Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-129Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-175Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-133Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-137Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-149Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-160Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-169Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-188Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-195Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-199Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-207Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-216Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-217Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-238Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-246Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-247Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-257Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-272Engagement-Poland-Jurata-Photographer-289Worldwide Wedding Photographer


Kristen & Siya’s Enchanted Boho Forest Wedding!

WOW. Did I ever have a blast photographing Kristen & Siya’s bohemian forest wedding! Dream come true!! It was a combination of shooting it barefoot (since the bride was barefoot!!), being surrounded by free-spirited loving people, nature, the unique decor, loving speeches, energetic dancing, and of course the special connection that Kristen & Siya share. Just unbelievable! One of the bridesmaids describes their love as something more intense than soulmates. I have never heard that before in my life, but TOTALLY understood what she meant. You feel it in the energy when you are around them. Between them all there is is pure love and acceptance of one another and no judgement. Their relationship really inspired me to think twice about how I act in my own relationships. You two taught me so much and I love you two🙂

Enjoy the photographs below and some comments as I walk you through parts of their day!

P.S. If you are into travelling (but really..who isn’t?) you HAVE TO check out Kristen’s blog, Hopscotch the Globe and YOUTUBE channel. She is an amazingly talented travel vlogger as well as an actress. She is so  real and entertaining and I always find myself smiling after I watch her videos =) You can LIKE her Facebook page HERE.

Their wedding was held at their families property in Ganaraska Forest. They are authors of the Fiction/Adventure series: Rise of the Prince and also operate an Inspirational Center: DASHTA Moments.  They work with individuals and small groups to guide them in their pursuit of an authentic life.  Their peaceful and calm environment is an ideal setting for people to discover who they really are, through self-inquiry and awareness of the world around them. For more information click HERE!


All of this beautiful decor you see here is the result of all their friends and family getting crafty and creating it for them! Not only was the final result so unique and beautiful, but also very meaningful to Kristen & Siya. I love that sooo much!enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-515enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2116enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1693enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2591enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1343enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1733

Kristen’s bridesmaids seeing her dress AND Kristen in her dress for the first time! How adorable is the reaction!

I LOVE that Kristen was barefoot<3 (and that I got to photograph the whole wedding barefoot!!)enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-409enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1296enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-480enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-987enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1901enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1369enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1135enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1929enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-412enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2383enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1319enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2327enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2735enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-364

Before the ceremony began, all the guests had a peaceful silent moment to take in the energy and the sounds of the nature around us in order to be present for the ceremony. It was beautiful. Instead of hearing others talking or being distracted by phones, we heard birds chirping, the wind, and flowing water in the creek nearby. This moment transitioned straight into some serene, eclectic music as Siya walked down the aisle to take his place!


Kristen and Siya requested that the ceremony be unplugged, meaning no picture taking and phones away. Every single couple should do this!!! All the guests were more present, and Kristen didn’t walk through a crowd of paparazzi!enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-881enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2656enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-43

Right before they exchanged rings, they had what they called a “warming of the rings”. I LOVED THIS!! Each of the bridal party members held the rings and projected good wishes and positive energy onto the rings.enchanted-bohemian-forest-wedding-401enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1611enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2677enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-727enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1300enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2712enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2004enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2205enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2782enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2312enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-26enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-10_DSC3968enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1168enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-737enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2446enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2471enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-939enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2110enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2465enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-589

Siya’s family is multicultural so they threw in some Persian music and dancing as well as a Jewish hora!! LOVED IT!!enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1453enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-695enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2324enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-514enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2612enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1571enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-85

Near the end of the night, couples and families each got a lantern that they could release into the night sky along with a wish, something that is done in Thailand quite often. It was seriously SUCH a beautiful sight!enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2051enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1847enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1423enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2230

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annnnd some Behind the Scenes🙂enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-221enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2090enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1290enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-33

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Melissa & Eric’s Piney River Ranch,Colorado Couples Session!

It has definitely always been my dream to photograph a madly in love couple in or near mountains, in a canoe, and around birch trees. I got all 3 in this one session in Colorado at Piney River Ranch!! How lucky am I!?

It was all thanks to Monique from Piney River Ranch that all this was made possible! She let me shoot way past their closing time and even let me take out 2 canoes for the shoot! I was sooo amazed by the hospitality and the good energy I felt at that place. It’s definitely a dream location for a wedding! Not only because of the beautiful views, but also the people who run Piney River Ranch. They put out such good vibes🙂

I’m also so thankful for Melissa & Eric for being so adventurous during the session and up for anything I asked them to do! This included hiking up a very grassy and steep hill in their sandals, running, and getting in and out of canoes a couple of times =P These pictures wouldn’t of turned out so amazing if A. You two weren’t up for all that and B. You weren’t so OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE =) So thanks guys!!<3

Also, while on this road trip in Colorado which I took with Agnes, we decided to not plan so much on where we were going to sleep some nights and be up for the adventure of meeting people and crashing at their place! We really wanted to see what it would be like to do that and if any unique experiences would come out of it! When Melissa and Eric asked what we were up to after the session, I mentioned that we were going to figure out where to stay overnight. As soon as I said that, they invited us to stay at their place! It takes a spontaneous and open couple to do something like that and we were sooo grateful! It was really neat to see an apartment in Colorado and to see what a couple does after I photograph them which is shocker…cook some food and relax together before going to sleep🙂 Oh how I LOVE spontanious adventures, even little ones like crashing at someone’s place. It just makes me think differently and feel alive!

So enjoy these pictures of these two lovebirds at Piney River Ranch!!


Behind the Scenes!! =)

Thanks Agnes Wywrot for capturing these❤ You can view her blog HERE! Visit it!

haha sooo happy here!! =)


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